Hi Weather Watchers- 

We have had a death in the family – sorry for the lack of updates.

This STRONG STORM SYSTEM will develop in Easter CO/Western KS. It will RAPIDLY intensify as it moves quickly off to the East. Wednesday.

This set-up is similar to a Spring set up but it is different as the 

The majority of KS will miss out on the most Significant Severe Weather as we will be “dry-slotted”. That is when dry is drawn into the storm system. 

Here is the threat indicator from the Storm Prediction Center:

Here are the 500 my winds that are a big driver for the Severe Weather:

  The purple colors are very intense winds around 18,000′ and those winds mix down to the lower levels of the atmosphere – where we could see 40-60mph winds across Central and Eastern KS

High Winds Watches are already in effect for the SW quarter of KS and will LIKELY BE EXPANDED INTO CENTRAL AND SOUTH CENTRAL KS later today.

 The winds will be from the South then eventually turn to the Northwest and become very gusty. 

We will update you again this evening on this developing system…