Here are our thoughts on accumulations- Could be more snow in spots, could be more rain. TIMING and TEMPS are the KEY!!

This is what we are currently thinking:

This system will have plenty of moisture…

We could see some MOISTURE totals approaching 1″- 1.5″, while most will see .50″-1″, a very nice drink and definitely more snow than we have seen from a single storm in a few Winters….

We will delve into the details a bit later….

Expect Snow to begin in areas along and South of I-70 in Western and Central KS by early evening. With a changeover to all snow in the Northeast areas by 8pm.

The snow will initially be a heavy wet snow becoming less moisture laden as more upper level cold air filters in Saturday…snow tapers off West to East Saturday – ending in Eastern sections by Sat mid to late afternoon.


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