Happy Fathers Day Weather Watchers!!

How would you like to be woken up by SOFTBALL SIZE HAIL?? It happened this morning in Central Nebraska by a LONE Supercell! The white icons are reports of Softball to baseball sized hail! The storm had weakened SIGNIFICANTLY as it moved into KS.

 Lets take a look at what we are seeing this coming week. 

Monday through Wednesday look Hot, Humid and Windy! A front approaches Northern areas Wednesday, sagging even further South as the work week ends providing us with cooler temps and chances of Thunderstorms. 

Let’s look at the 500mb forecast maps to see why…

 This is what the pattern looks like now  through Wednesday.  
We start to see the area of High Pressure retrograde West setting up trough over the Central US. Does this look familiar? It should… This is the pattern that gave the Northeast US the incredible snow totals this last Winter.

  In the summertime the wind flow in MUCH weaker than in the winter. But our instability is much greater because of increase temperature and humidity levels. It doesn’t take much of a trigger to ignite storms- as we say this morning in Nebraska.

This is what the pattern looks like by next weekend – chances of Storms beginning as early as Wednesday in far Northern KS as the jet stream dip South pushing a front slowly South.


July 4 is still looking Hot and Humid. 

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

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