This models have been all over the place with this system.

As far as the track, there are still discrepancies between the GFS/EURO/Canadian models.

Remember how Winter systems are…a 50 mile difference in the track can make a one to two county difference in Precip type and amounts.

With that said…..

Here are our thoughts and we are leaning towards the EURO as it has been the most consistent.

This ISN’T a big storm with wind…it’s a positively tilted system that is not very amplified that appears to move West to East.

IF the system deepens or becomes more amplified that pushes the Snow further North.

So here is our first thoughts with this system.

A fairly wide swath of 3-5″ with a mix of across South Central and Southeast areas. We could see isolated 6″ across Central areas.

Expect 1-3″ outside the outlined area.

This is through 7AM Sunday.

If you are heading to KC to watch the Chiefs you could see some Accumulating Snow Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures will be chilly this weekend compared to today….

If we get a large blanket of snow temps will be even colder Monday into Tuesday before we begin to dry out and warm up again to seasonal temps or slightly above.

Many communities are spreading the brine mixture to help keep streets freeze up…

Travel across Central KANSAS and along I-70 will be affected based on current trends.

We are in the second cycle of our new pattern which appears to be around a 50 day cycle.

Our next winter system with VERY cold air should arrive very close to Christmas with 2-3 systems that will affect the Central Plains…..something to keep an eye on.

We will provide you with a much more detailed pattern/cycle forecast very soon!

Stay safe and as always


Weather Watchers