Good Saturday afternoon Weather Watchers! 

We are enjoying beautiful weather today as the area of Low pressure has moved to our East. 

The next system to affect our area is forming in the desert Southwest. It is a closed Low that will be moving towards us beginning tomorrow. 

The Low will be slow and the track it takes will determine who get beneficial moisture. 

Here are the two different models:


Not expecting any Severe Weather with this system, just rain. 

As it develops in the next 12hrs we will have a better idea of who will get wet. 

We will keep you posted. 

Yesterday’s Severe Weather was mostly along the Warm front which paralleled I-70 – a Supercell developed around 4pm just North of Hays. It developed a Tornado rather quickly and moved East slowly along that boundary until the storm became outflow dominant close to dark as it was approaching Salina. 

Tornadic storm when it was just N of Russell. Can you see the funnel?
Developing Shelf cloud West of Salina  

  How the radar looked once the Storms started to Congeal and line-up.

The area on the radar West of Salina was from the picture above. 

We will watch the models… Current forecast is using the Southern track giving the most Southern areas of the State some beneficial moisture- let’s see if that holds true….
Questions, let us know…..

We found the BEST NEW SOCIAL MEDIA DEVICE yesterday. It is called Periscope! It is awesome- we used it and will use it more- it is LIVE coverage   used in conjunction with Twitter. 

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Have a GREAT DAY!!