After the unexpected Southerly movement of a wavering front- our Hutchinson location saw this area of low level clouds headed towards them around 6pm Sunday from the North…

We ran current Conditions :

At 6:33 is was 82 degrees with a Dewpoint of 68 degrees in Hutchinson- it’s circled.

Notice just to the North, Great Bend was 54 chilly degrees with a Dewpoint of 54.

The front moved Southeast over the next 11 minutes and temperatures fell 15 degrees in Northern Hutchinson.

Dewpoints measured from our Kestrel device fell from almost 65 degrees to 50 degrees. As the colder and drier air moved through.

If you are a Weather enthusiast this is a must have. It is an amazing device that can measure many important meteorological readings.

It is very expensive, around $600, worth every penny!

As this week progresses our chances of rain begin to increase after a SIGNIFICANT WARM UP Tuesday through Friday…Highs into the upper 80s to low 90s West – Mid to upper 80s Central and East.

Thursday and Friday evenings have the potential for heavier rainfall into next weekend.

This is something that will be watching closely. On the chart below 12z is always 7am and 00z is 7pm the PREVIOUS day … example- Sat 00z is Fri 7pm, Sun 00z is Sat 7pm.

The latest Euro Model shows the potential for Showers and Thunderstorms from Fri 10/5 to Wed 10/10.

Climate Prediction Center is showing below normal temps and above normal precipitation across the Western half of the US

This will likely change some so make sure you check back with us as the week progresses.

We are watching how this will play out as it is part of our NEW pattern setting up.

Please stay tuned…

Weather Watchers