Good evening Weather Watchers! Just wanted to share with you what is happening along the cold front that moved through KS yesterday. 

North of the cold front cooler temps and Heavy flooding rainfall. Along and South of the front approaching 35 Tornadoes on a SLIGHT RISK DAY.  

Tornadoes are still ongoing at this hour with a significant storm approach the Denton area, just North of the DFW metro.

Take a look at some of the Tornadoes we have images of. Thanks to Jason Cooley and @basehunters for some of the images. 

We are learning of SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE to a community NW of Fort Worth that just occurred. 


Lastly look at the Observations in the area- Temps in the upper 70s and dewpoints in the upper 60s- perfect for a Tornado Outbreak, EVEN WITH A SLIGHT RISK IN PLACE!!

Eventually that warm and very humid airmass will move North- I think it may be a couple of weeks as we are in the “cool” part of the pattern. That should change around June 3rd-5th….

Here is our current Radar…additional rain falling in Central Kansas.

Have a good night Weather Watchers

Questions, please ask!!