Good morning Weather Watchers!

Our 12 Days of Christmas contest begins NOW!

Every question we ask you is something that we have discussed in a blog over the last year.

Here are the rules: One answer per person per question. If you have the correct answer you will be entered in the Daily drawing for that prize which will be announced prior to the next question. You may only win ONE prize during the contest WITH THE EXCEPTION of the 12th Day of Christmas Prize -A Storm Chasing Package for two.

OK Weather Watchers here we go:

Ridges and Troughs are very important to our Weather and can be identified by looking at the Weather maps showing different level of winds flowing above us.

A ridge is a region with relatively higher heights. A broad region of sinking air or a deep warm air mass will both lead to ridging. Since air is often sinking within a ridge they tend to bring warmer and drier weather.

A trough can be found in a region dominated by a very cold air mass. This troughing will be most pronounced in the upper levels. A trough can bring in cloudy conditions and precipitation or they can bring in a cold air mass.

Question: In the image above which area represents a TROUGH? A or B

BONUS Question: Are we under the influence of a Trough or Ridge today?

In your answer please use the correct letter First along with any other comment you may have.

Today’s prize is a Weather Watchers Rain Gauge and a Ball Cap or Stocking Cap! Good luck everyone!!



Expect highs today in the mid to upper 70s West and Central (may see a couple 80+ temps South Central) to the upper 60s East…..

Saturday: clear skies with highs around 60 in all areas.

Sunday: clear skies with temps warming into the low to mid 70s West and 60s Central and East.