Hello Weather Watchers!

Parts of Japan saw Snow for the first time in 40 years!! An island off of Japan saw Snow for the FIRST TIME EVER (or since records were begun, 115 years ago).

That storm system is the same system that will provide parts of the CENTRAL PLAINS snow next week! 

Many have asked who will get snow and how much….we have shown you models WITH THE CAVEAT THAT THINGS WILL CHANGE-SO PLEASE DONT ASK FOR SPECIFICS-WE DONT KNOW THEM YET. We show you the models to give you an idea of what a few are showing. AGAIN, just know a Snow storm will be in the CENTRAL PLAINS Monday into Tuesday with details unfolding as we progress through the weekend.

For those of you wanting to make reference to the Christmas storm that didn’t happen where YOU lived, please understand that the system that will be coming through Feb 1st & 2nd is the same storm that came through December 13 & 14- it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CHRISTMAS STORM. Yes, you heard me right- we believe storms systems cycle and patterns repeat. This years storm pattern cycles every 47-52 days – so we use 50 days as our average. The storms don’t repeat exactly surface wise, but the set-ups are very similar in the atmosphere and can be identified best in the 500mb level.

If you have questions- please ask-this is an important part of our forecasting and we want you to understand it. This is how we can provide you with accurate long range forecasts-not just guesses.

This is what the Feb 1 Storm looks at the 500mb level based on CURRENT models:

The NWS put out their forecast for Hazards for the Jan 30-Feb 3 timeline  – you can see it here- again this can and will change some…

 Different Weather Service offices are putting out products to give there local populations an idea of what to expect- here is one from Omaha, NE: 
It is interesting that it mentions the Japan storm as well as the potential for a heavy snow event SOMEWHERE IN THE CENTRAL PLAINS.

We are waiting to see trends in the models on the path that the LOW will take. That is the key to who will see the the most snow and who will have the greatest travel troubles. 

We will be watching models, you do the same. Would love to hear some of your thoughts on track and time frame. Many of you have been following us long enough to give it a try…

Again, any questions, please ask!

We will likely be issuing a FRENCH TOAST WATCH by Friday…..If you don’t know what that is, ask someone in the comment section-they will tell you…

Have a good night!! ENJOY THE WARM UP!