Good evening – we have had many message us about the “STRONG” smell of smoke you are experiencing in your area.

We are hearing from several communities around Central and Northern KS.

We wanted to reassure you…THERE IS NO FIRE IN KANSAS.

Let’s take a look at the NEW GOES 16 Satellite image.

There is a strong area of High Pressure over the NW US – it is causing very HOT temperatures and Windy conditions in the WESTERN/NORTHWEST US.

Remember, the winds flow CLOCKWISE around High Pressure.

Here is one of the GOES satellite images:

Let us draw in the smoke:

Here is a better image from NOAA

The H represents the Surface High ….the White arrows show the flow and if you look closely you can see the smoke moving along with the arrows-

The red arrows show the Northern edge of the smoke that is moving South – if you look even closer you can see an even more significant area of smoke over Minnesota – that area is also continuing South.

We will likely see/smell more smoke tomorrow…as long as the High remains in place or a Northwest Flow develops…

Here is the current US Hazards map…The entire State of Minnesota is experiencing SIGNIFICANT SMOKE from fires in CA and Canada:

Rain, some heavy is possible Sunday night through Friday over portions on the Central US including KANSAS.

We will post our thoughts tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned…..