Update- as we were finishing this blog we did a final check of the radar and Thunderstorms are firing South of Greensburg – these should move Northeast along the boundary. 


Hello Weather Watchers!!

Watching a weak boundary from around Dodge City Northeast to Kansas City. 

The Sunflower State got warm today but did not break the Century mark. 


We warm up this weekend – Northeast KS already has issued a Heat Advisory, wouldn’t be surprised to see that expanded towards South Central Kansas. 

If we can get a storm to pop tonight, wherever it goes up will likely see HEAVY rain, small hail and strong winds. 

 Take a look at the Water Vapor satellite image below – you can tell where the High is located ( why it is somewhat cooler ) and where the moisture is located. Again, our trigger will be the convergence along the boundary running SW to NE across the State…We will be watching the radar.