Good afternoon Weather Watchers!

Here our are Current Conditions

You can even see the Cold front on radar as Cumulus clouds are trying to build on it.  

We are thinking that a SMALL area of Thunderstorms from North Central/Northeast Kansas Southwest to South Central KS will develop between 6-8pm right along the Cold front. 

These storms will move Northeast while the entire line becomes almost stationary as our kicker ( an area of High pressure) stays back over Wyoming before moving into the area tomorrow pushing the front South and east where it will then stall. 

The area that see Storm will likely see some heavy rainfall as well as STRONG winds. Hail is possible early on. 

This is our thoughts- many others think it will be a much later show… We think we will see Storms along the front as we reach our convective temps and get some mid level cooling, which will be earlier than most others are forecasting.

Try and stay cool!!

Tomorrow -Saturday will be awesome July days!! We warm back up for a couple days before another front moves through…

This is a VERY STRONG storm system for the end of July as it moves East along the U.S./Canadian border!! 988mb!!

Hope everything makes sense- ask if it doesn’t – that’s how you learn!

Weather Watchers!!