Good morning Weather Watchers! We are expecting another day with showers and thunderstorms becoming possible mid to late afternoon. 

The surface low that has been spinning in eastern Colorado most of the week is now on the move heading into western Kansas. as the low spins it will send off pieces of energy which will be the trigger for our thunderstorm activity. 


This is the outlook from the Storm Prediction Center showing where the most likely potential is for severe thunderstorms- the areas highlighted in Yellow. 


We had thunderstorms that formed around 2 AM in central Kansas and are now moving off to the northeast and they’re located just to the west of the Kansas City area. 


As you know the atmosphere will need to reset itself in order for thunderstorm to form later this afternoon. It should not have trouble doing that for the areas west of I 135. 

There is relatively little CAP today so I would expect thunderstorms,  scattered thunderstorms, to develop anytime after 1 o’clock – more likely between one and three is the time that I’m  thinking.

The main threats are Hail up to Ping Pong ball size, 60mph winds and heavy rainfall- an isolated Tornado or two cannot be ruled out close to the Triple point. 

As always we will keep you posted. 

Looks like we are beginning to see clearing in the SW and parts of South Central KS…