Good afternoon again Weather Watchers!

As most of you can tell- Storms are forming in many areas of the State.

Look what time it is…. we are at Max heating which is why these storms are forming now.

Hail will be a threat, but NOT a widespread threat, for a few hours.

We have just had a report of Hen Egg sized hail in Hodgeman County

The greatest threat will be HEAVY RAIN and MICROBURST TYPE WINDS especially along a line from Larned to Salina. Storms will then start to “Train” along that line as we get later into the evening–storms following the same path is called “training”, which could cause very high rainfall amounts and the potential for FLOODING.

Here is what our HiRes models are predicting over the next 12 hours:

Flash Flood Watches will most likely be expanded over the next few days.

If you are planning to attending the State Fair- the first day and weekend should be dry with AMAZING TEMPS- so go enjoy!

Please keep us posted on RAIN TOTALS!!