Good Monday morning Weather Watchers!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as this weeks weather begins to change. 

Expect storms to develop in Western/Central/Northeast sections of the Sunflower State this afternoon, along a stalled boundary, with the main threats being heavy rain, quarter to golfball size hail and 60mph winds in the strongest storms. The tornado threat is VERY LOW.

Multiple rounds of storms are likely through Wednesday morning along this boundary.

This is the forecasted precipitation amounts through 7am Wednesday. 

Hefty rain totals for Western sections are likely – 1-2″ will NOT BE UNCOMMON. Additional rainfall is expected through Sunday as well. 

Flooding could become an issue by later in the week as we expect MULTIPLE rounds of Storms with heavy rainfall as rich gulf moisture arrives by Tuesday. 

 Here are projected totals through Friday 2-4″ totals….. 

 Our attention turns to this weekend- especially Saturday into Sunday as it looks like we could see a potential Severe Weather outbreak – the jet stream will provide lots of Shear and we will have plenty of moisture in place.  Please stay tuned! 


We will keep you posted and hope you will do the same!


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