Good morning Weather Watchers!

Another chance for Scattered Storms later today into the evening. There will be two different area where we will see development. One area of Scattered storms should develop over Northeast and possibly zipper back to the West towards North Central KS. This area could possible see widely scattered develop as early as 5-6pm but the more widespread area of storms should develop as the low level jet increases after 9pm. The second area will form over the Eastern front range of Colorado and then move East into KS late this evening. The flow will be more zonal or West to East with a weak SW flow trying to develop unlike earlier in the week where we saw a NW flow.

The storms that will develop over NE area of the State will be along a sharp frontal boundary that will likely wash out as it tries to move South limiting storms chances into the weekend.

The main threat will be hail to especially early on in the Storms life cycle before they turn into Wind and Heavy rain producers. As with this time of year the Tornado threat is almost nil…

As the SW flow tries to establish itself in the upper levels VERY MOIST air at the surface will increase throughout the weekend into next week.

Our atmosphere, in the higher and mid levels, over the Central and Southeast US will be very dirty from an extremely large area of Saharan dust from Africa. This will make for beautiful sunrises and sunsets Saturday and Sunday but it could cause those with breathing issue to experience some problems. If you plan on being outside for long periods of time you might consider wearing a mask or facial covering to protect your lungs.

We borrowed an image from the NWS WICHITA that showed how big of an area of dust we are talking about.

This newest Satellite does an amazing job picking up so many finite details that previous ones missed- the GOES 16 is amazing!

Have a great day everyone…We will keep you posted on any WATCHES that are issued later today.