Thunderstorms have formed in SW and West Central KS along a boundary that will likely move just a bit further South before it Stalls out. 

 The arrows identify outflow boundaries that these Thunderstorms are creating and pointing in the direction they are moving. These boundaries can act as a mini cool front and actually be the trigger for additional development or they can remain in the area for hours and affect future development. 
We do not have very strong upper flow- you can tell as these storms movements are around 10-15 mph to the NNE. 

Here are current conditions:

The question is will these Thunderstorms form into a line and make it to the I-135 corridor? 

Here is what short term models have been Predicting most all day, so we will see..

 This is what models are thinking around 1am: 
Get ready for a WET N WILD 7 days….

Stay tuned….

Team Weather Watchers