Good evening Weather Watchers!

A storm system will be developing tonight and move NNE dumping lots of Snow in the Northern Plains.

As it gets underway it will produce a few inches of Snow in Western and Northern KS. An Ice line sets up in between the Cold and Warm sector– IF THE TRACK MOVES 30 miles West or East the location of the icing set-up will also change.

Currently here are the thoughts:

(Thanks WICHITA NWS)  
As the system begins to intensify significant Snows will occur in the Northern Plains.

Please keep us posted on what you are experiencing…. Your precipitation type will tell us a lot. 

Looking for precip to begin in Southern KS around 9-10. We will have a good idea where things will set up for sure once we see temp profiles and track…

For now- we will use the above with a caveat…

Lots of Kansans still without power- looks to be a few days before everyone is back on.

Take care- this will last until around noon tomorrow..