Good Monday afternoon this is Meteorologist Paul Travis for Weather Watchers.

The rainfall experienced across the Central Plains produced .25-1.5″ totals. Thank you for sending us your rain totals. In our South Central KS office, we measured just shy of .70″. No where near the moisture needed to break the Extreme Drought they are experiencing.

There is another chance of showers Tuesday as a cool front moves through from the Northwest.

We warm up this weekend with Windy Conditions West which will draw Gulf moisture North.

This is a great example of “return flow” the Cool High moves to our East and a Ridge develops over the Mid Atlantic States.

Those with breathing issues will be able to feel the more dense moisture laden Gulf air beginning late this weekend but especially into next week.

When dewpoint temperatures hit 60 you can feel the sticky air and humidity. Again those who are sensitive, make sure you are ready.

We are watching a few disturbances that will likely match up with our Long Range forecast technique – they are not showing up on models yet.

The chance of Severe Weather will increase from this weekend through Thursday of next week in the Central Plains.

Oklahoma and Kansas have yet to confirm a Tornado. April 26th is the current latest date on the books to not have a Tornado occur. Will likely break that record as we move into May but should begin to see our Severe season ramp up within the next 5-10 days here across the Central US.

Based on our forecasting technique, I believe some in our area could see above average precipitation from the first week of May through around the 18 with another event the last week of May through the first few days of June.

Something we are watching- models are not showing much but based on our forecasting technique we feel confident in our longer range forecasts.

Here are weekend totals from the National Weather Service

Enjoy your week-

Keep us posted on your rainfall totals with this next system.