Good evening  Weather Watchers…

The threat for Tornadoes has significantly increased for SE KS as the Cold front we spoke of earlier has moved North into SE KS as a Warm front allowing for Warm moist air to move into those areas.  That combined with a Speed Max ( mid level jet stream winds ) moving towards the area is causing this increased threat for Tornadoes and Severe Storms. 




Satellite shows a Cumulus Field in the area circled in Red – we are waiting for the CAP to weaken/break in these areas. As soon as we see initiation Storm will likely become severe quickly with the Tornado threat increasing around dark as the speed max provides good shear and lift. 

We will likely be going LIVE as this evening could become very interesting.

To follow our discussion LIVE with a top of the line Radar click HERE and the select Live Feed.

Please let us know what you are experiencing as well-