The STRONG area of Low Pressure is over Central KANSAS – can you see it on the map below? Remember winds move in a counterclockwise motion around Low pressure.

It’s centered between Russell & Salina…

Notice that CNK, which is Concordia on the Map has a temperature of 89 and a dewpoint of 71 with a SE wind around 10mph. That combination of Temp & Dewpoint is likely producing a CAPE value around 3000-3500 j/kg- which is plenty of energy for Severe Storms-

Here is the Tornado Watch outline

Exactly where we forecast there would be a Tornado threat very early this morning. THE POTENTIAL FOR TORNADO’S is HIGH within the Watch area!

Here is the latest SPC outlook-

The STRONG WINDS are currently affecting Western sections and will be moving into South Central KS soon. Expect wind gust up to 60mph from 4pm-10pm as the Low intensified and the Low Level Jet increases and mixes down.

TEMPERATURES ARE IN THE 40s and 50s in Western KANSAS!!! This storm is absolutely intriguing!!

Here is the satellite image

Please share your weather….