Hi Weather Watchers! Thanks for all of your reports and pictures- it gave everyone who visited our blog an idea of what was occurring. 

We have had over 30K visits to our blog so far today.

Here is the current radar:

Here are the current threats regionally:

Winter Weather Advisory-6am Sun  
Here are current power outages from Westar- this appears to be increasing as the freezing rain continues- we have had close to .25″ of ICE with today’s activity.

How much ICE have you had? Have you had any damage? Power issues?

Tomorrow, the frontal boundary (blue line) will move West and along with that boundary, Temps will increase to above freezing during the afternoon. 

Can you see the Temps East of the boundary are above freezing?   
Here are pictures of some very sick areas- side streets, those untreated and elevated surfaces.



One more round of Freezing Rain is likely Sunday night into Monday.

Look for a Winter Weather Advisory for Sunday night before our weather improves starting Tuesday

 Please continue to SHARE YOUR WEATHER- 

Thank you!!