Hello Weather Watchers! Details are still not set in stone for later this week but we are going to run with what we have AS OF NOW. 

As you know Winter Weather is the hardest weather to forecast. Take a look at this image – 

Try and imagine forecasting a 10 mile wide swath by 30 miles in length area of heavy snow surrounded by areas of sleet and freezing rain. It depends on the temperatures at many different levels and moisture content. 

It is much more complicated than that- we can look at more details later on. 

OK…Let’s go day by day on what to expect.

On Wednesday we will have Warm Air Advection or warm moist air heading North from the Gulf – this will likely cause areas East of I-135 to experience drizzle and low clouds.

A cold front will be approaching from the Northwest Wed evening.

The amount of precip from late Wednesday through Sunday 7am looks to be rather impressive-THE KEY IS GOING TO FIGURE OUT WHEN TO EXPECT WINTRY PRECIP THAT WILL MAKE TRAVEL DIFFICULT.

Thanksgiving Day… East of a line from Manhattan to Pratt expect showers with a few thunderstorms throughout the day into very early evening. 

WEST of that line we are expecting Wintry precip..with the potential for travel issues.

 The cold front moves through the entire State by Thanksgiving evening.

Friday seems to be a question mark of who gets what and how much… It doesn’t take much freezing drizzle for travel troubles WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE EXPECTING…especially for Central/South Central KS.


Another system will be on the heels of the first one with ADDITIONAL CHANCES of Wintry Precip through the weekend. 

Again, the forecast isn’t set in stone-please check back..

You should have an idea that travel on Thanksgiving Day – late afternoon into the evening could have the potential to be tricky….

Make your plan accordingly….

Updates to follow….