Hi Weather Watchers!

Many saw Thunderstorms last night with decent rainfall. South Central KS missed out as Convective Inhibition aka the CAP developed in the atmosphere above us. 

Here are some radar indicated rain totals- 

Very healthy totals in North Central/Northeast KS- flooding reported in and around KC Metro. 

You can see the Vorticity that helped trigger the Thunderstorms last night. 

I outlined it in White…  

Here are current conditions- See the cooler air in Nebraska? That cooler air will advect South giving most of Kansas much cooler temps Tues/Wed. 


Scattered Showers and Storms are possible anytime now through Thursday morning.  A few storms may be Severe due to hail and winds being the biggest threat. NOT EXPECTING WIDESPREAD COVERAGE OF STORMS..

Wanted to make sure you saw this image posted to our page – this is KANSAS at its best! Thank you BRENDA HEYEN of St John, KS for this incredible photo. THANK YOU for Sharing your Weather!

Questions, just ask!

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