Hello Weather Watchers, the flu bug has bitten us but good. Sorry we have been lax with our updates. Thank goodness it’s been the boring part of the pattern.

We have 2 chances of very light to light snow. 

Here is the Advisory for the system tonight into tomorrow afternoon/evening:

The first chance begins this evening after dark with light snow moving NW to SE across areas North of I-70. Here is a simulated radar image of what the NAM Model is anticipating.

This image is that around 6am tomorrow morning- flurries South of I-70 and and inch or two from Manhattan East.

  This is the snow as it looks around 3 pm tomorrow. It should be out of the area around 9pm-12am.

The next system is a mini storm with a little more moisture to work with. The snow begins in West Central KS Thursday morning and as it rotates East it could drop 2-3″ across Central Kansas during the afternoon Thursday into Thursday evening. Thursday will be a raw day with strong North winds.

This shows the simulated radar around 9pm Thursday evening with snow bands rotating East. 

The EURO models shows 2-4″ from Central KS through Northeast KS by the time both events are said and done.


Based on the information we have now, this is what we are anticipating.

**We will be asking you to assist us with reports, photos and road conditions so we can keep all of our Weather Watchers informed. 

The more significant part of the pattern begin towards to end of the month. We are seeing some signs that models are already picking up on one of those significant systems around Feb 1st. We will be watching it for you.

Expect a warm-up this weekend with a Strong storm that develops to our South. This could produce a NorEaster with Snow for the Mid Atlantic areas North to New England. 

Have a great day…