Hello Weather Watchers!

Here are current conditions:

We have a 40 degree gradient across the State – the Front has become Stationary. Look to the South of the front- temps in the 60s and 70s with dewpoints in the 60s!!! Amazing- this is December not March!!

WOW!! Lots of moisture available..

Above is the Regional Weather map- what we expect to occur first is the rain and Thunderstorms to begin to develop in Central OK and KS- expect showers and Thunderstorms most of the night through the early morning hours- we are thinking 1-3″ possible in the area outlined. 

As the surface Low begins to intensify Snow will begin to pick up later this evening- a heavy band should set up close the the areas in Pink with total accumulations in those areas 4″-8″- maybe up to 10″. The purple areas could see 3-5″ 

Here is current radar:


We will keep you posted..

THE SEVERE THREAT LOOKS TO MOSTLY STAY IN WESTERN OK DOWN INTO WEST TEXAS. We could see an isolated strong storm or two in SC KS and SE of the KS Turnpike.