Good afternoon Weather Watchers

You might see something like this today- Wall cloud looking structure- the cloud bases will be VERY low to ground due to the very moist airmass over KS….  

 Thanks to Derek Burk – our Pratt Moderator


Wanted to show you what we are watching on radar.  It is a Vort Max which is a piece of energy that moves through causing lift and Thunderstorms to form. 

It resembles a Hurricane doesn’t it? 

We have very tropical air in place that the Vort Max is providing lift for the development of bands of storms. 


If you get under one of these showers of Thunderstorms you will get drenched with rainfall rates of 2″ per hour- or 1″ in 30 min. These should continue this afternoon into tonight and into Monday. 

We are also watching the remnants of Hurricane Carlos- some in KS could see moisture from him Monday night into Tuesday- THATS NOT IN STONE- just a heads up…