Good morning- this Winter Storm has now become a NOWCASTING event- we will provide updates every couple of hours as needed. 

 Rainfall intensity should begin to increase- Winter Precipitation should begin in Western sections depicted above- I drew in the State lines to give you a better idea of what you are looking at from this Regional radar.

As you can tell by the radar colors- we are already seeing some Wintry precipitation. 
 PLEASE HELP US BY LETTING US KNOW THE CONDITIONS IN YOUR AREA… Especially if you are experiencing ANY winter precip- freezing drizzle to sleet to ice pellets to just rain- also track your temps. 
We need your help today/tonight/tomorrow  tracking this storm. 


We are discouraging travel… If you must get out, drive safely. If you can share pictures safely, please do so.

This looks to be a long duration event… Keep your phones and computers charged if you live in the areas that have the SIGNIFICANT ICING POTENTIAL…

Total Precip potential: