Good evening Weather Watchers!

What a day for those of you in and around Reno County this afternoon and evening. 


Began to develop around this time and when conditions were:

The storm became Severe Warned as it moved Southeast as it was part of a counter-clockwise HEAT LOW located in Central KS. As it got caught in that flow, the boundary layer cooled 25 degrees because of the heavy rainfall associated with the Storm. The storm then became surface based and became rooted along the trough that seperated the cooler somewhat drier air from the Very Hot and humid air. 

The cloud bases lowered to around 750 ft or so and developed significant inflow from the Southeast, this is when I knew we were likely going to see a Tornado with this storm. 

The funnel developed in the notch – the funnel is seen just developing. 

We then began broadcasting LIVE via PERISCOPE. 

All the videos we did are listed on our FB page. 
We were the FIRST to report the developing Tornado to the National Weather Service. It was my chase partner who was in contact with the NWS throughout our chase. 

Keep in mind this was a VERY unusual situation for Tornadic development- especially moving SOUTHWEST! 

We explained why it occurred above which we are good at and we want to SHARE our knowledge.

Again, to be clear, this is a place to learn about Weather. A place to share your Weather. A place to keep you informed, which we did today to make sure our friends and neighbors are safe.


We don’t ask for ONE DIME FROM ANYONE, but we get held to the same standard of Radio and TV stations who spend thousands to try to make you tune in.

Everything we provide is FREE, and I truly get so frustrated when people who have no idea what we do complain and gripe about what we DIDNT DO.

For that reason- we will NO LONGER provide WARNINGS on our FB page. All warnings are already listed on our webpage at the very top IN REAL TIME and in our FREE App!

We have chase teams who use PERISCOPE, a NEW FREE Social Media App that will provide you with LIVE Audio/Video reports of SEVERE WEATHER as it is occurring. This is how we will provide LIVE reports from now on.

If you need help with PERISCOPE we will be glad to assist you. 

We will no longer be berated for a FREE service we provide. 

Thank you and I hope you all understand. 

Weather Watchers Administration