Hello Weather Watchers!

We were off by about 55 miles in out forecasting- we forecast areas from KC to Medicine Lodge could see over an inch of rain. 

The Cold front made it to the I-135 corridor sooner than expected – there was a VERY SHARP cut-off of who got rain and who didn’t. 

The Flood Watch placement was perfect by the NWS. 

The KC Metro saw a couple Tornadoes right around the busiest time of the day 5pm. 

One was reported West of Lenexa-

This one occurred briefly in Overland Park- a Suburb on the SW Side of the Metro.

 Another occurred on the NE side around Liberty- this one did do some damage to a shopping Center.
Flooding in ongoing in areas East of I-135 this evening. Wichita reported anywhere from 2-4″ during short period of time. 

Here are the current warnings.

If you didn’t get rainfall this afternoon or evening-we have additional chances Wed into Thursday.

Models show Significant heat building in for the weekend – with breezy conditions. 

This is the cooler and wetter portion of our pattern- the heat won’t last long as additional cool fronts and energy will move across the Northern Plains and drop cool fronts through the area. 

You probably think I’m nuts but just humor me, I’m sticking with our forecasting technique – the  pattern the next 2 1/2 weeks ON AVERAGE be cooler and wetter. 
If you have questions, please ask.