Hello Weather Watchers!

Let’s get right to it….Who will LIKELY see heavy rainfall over the next 48-60 hours…

As we commented this morning and have been forecasting for our clients today – the best opportunity for heavy rain looks to be West of the I-135 corridor.


The most recent data is agreeing with our updated thoughts on the location of the front as well as the steering winds for these storms. Our pattern is more of a NNW flow instead of a full blown NW flow.

The most recent data suggests this, a narrow swath of very efficient Thunderstorms Friday night into Sat AM.

Compare to previous models 2 days ago- the steering flow had storms moving West to East over South Central KS which would have caused training of storms and very high rainfall rates.

The flow is more North to South not NE to SE…


Then this by Sunday night as the front finally flattens out:

The European Model agrees with the new solution.. HOWEVER…. it keeps the front around SUNDAY into MONDAY. It also gives areas of East of I-135 a nice drink Sunday night!

LETS SEE HOW THINGS PLAY OUT TOMORROW NIGHT- that will be very important.

How strong the MCS will be and if it stabilizes the atmosphere Saturday or shoves the boundary further South then we think…That is another fly in the ointment scenario so STAY TUNED!!

DON’T GIVE UP JUST YET…we just need to re-evaluate our thoughts from earlier this week as our flow has changed.

We will update you tomorrow…


(Notice how tonight’s flow has been North to South)