Average temperatures should be upper 50s to low 60s. 
Today we were 20 degrees above normal reaching 80 in Hutchinson this afternoon around 3pm.


Expect similar temperatures through at least Wednesday with STRONG GUSTY Southwest winds.

Moisture chances enter the picture Thursday ahead of the front. The models have been pushing the more significant moisture East of I-135. We will keep an eye on timing …

Friday-Saturday-Sunday looks cool with highs in the 50s North to 60 in Southeast sections.

We have mentioned how everything in the atmosphere is connected.

We look at teleconnections which give us numerical indexes or values – based on those values, the indexes provides us with atmospheric signals. 

We are closely watching the AO, Arctic Oscillation and the PNA, Pacific North American.

The AO is trending much higher than it has in the last 6 months. See the red lines and how they are moving higher than the middle line of the graph? When we see this with  a neutral PNA this it indicates that the real Cold air will likely remain bottled up in Canada.

 Will we see cold and snow? Yes, we likely will, but it will likely be delayed with the current pattern we are seeing develop.

We are thinking  Mid Jan-Feb-Mar will likely be our true Winter months temperature wise- until then we will likely see what we have been seeing. Above average temps with very short-lived cold  temps from time to time with minimal moisture.
Questions, please ask!

Have a good day!