Good morning Weather Watchers!

Last nights area of thunderstorms was caused by a Vorticity Maximum – Vort Max for short. It is a spinning piece of energy in one of the levels of the atmosphere- last nights Vort Max was a 500mb- it provided the lift needed for Thunderstorms to develop and then it was strong enough to trek across Southern KS 

Lines up quite nicely with the radar from 12:55am: 
Earlier in the evening the Vorticity was quite prominent-I offset the markings so you could see how it looked on radar- there was a report of a couple brief Tornadoes which would not be uncommon with this this spinning piece of energy.

I pulled up this afternoons 500mb Vorticity charts- as you see it lines up nicely with the movement of the frontal boundary forecast to move through this afternoon.

The Storm Prediction Center has a Slight risk for Severe Thunderstorm forecast- the main threat- Stron Winds and Hail – however a brief Tornado cannot be ruled out in the areas listed below – this is where the best Shear/Helicity will be.


Questions, please ask!

Let us know your overnight rainfall-