Good morning Weather Watchers!

It will be a beautiful day today…just like yesterday but warmer. 

Here is a picture from the Plaza in Kansas City yesterday, getting ready for the Royals home opener….Sunday night, 7:30 against the  World Series rivals New York Mets- beautiful night for baseball at the “K”. 


Here are the temperatures you can expect today by around 1-2pm. I think we will likely see more 80s on this map by the end of the day:

Notice the front in NW Nebraska… That cool front will be moving through Kansas tomorrow night through early Monday bringing with it slightly cooler temps (70s) and North winds before they switch right back to Southerly by Tuesday noon. 

EXTREME FIRE WEATHER is expected today and then again Tuesday through Thursday. 

Courtesy Wichita NWS: 
 Have a great day Weather Watchers!