Good day Weather Watchers! Hope you are having a good day!

Will our evening Thunderstorms be delayed?

They could be…

Thunderstorms will likely develop on the North side of the Warm front along the I-70 corridor. Then they will develop along the SE moving Cold front.

This could delay the onset and reduce the risk of Severe Storms as the Cold front continues it treks SSE …..LETS SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT……We just MIGHT get more of our Football games in than we thought….especially in South Central KS.

If you live in Central KS you are cloudy and chilly, you MIGHT become partly cloudy. If you live in far Southern KS you are warm, sunny and humid.

If you live in North Central OK it’s almost hot and humid as the heat indices are over 90.

Let’s take a look:


Winfield/Ark City:

Great Bend:

ENID, OK ( 92 degree heat index! )

South winds gusting to 31mph…


Here is the Satellite images showing the warm from moving North this morning.

This next image shows the piece of energy that will be responsible for our Rain event finally making it on shore in the Pacific Northwest.

The piece of energy will move SE to the Four Corners region where it will intensify and slow down while pieces of energy rotate out into the Central Plains bringing us heavy rains.

Here is the Severe Weather threat for later today….

Please stay tuned…

We do anticipate Flood Watches at some point…