Hello Weather Watchers-

The area of Arctic High Pressure will weaken and move Southeast- let’s look at CURRENT CONDITIONS:

Look at the High – clockwise flow around the High produces return flow and brings warmer air North from the Gulf:

By Friday the High is in the Southeast US and has weakened significantly and an area of Low Pressure has began to form on the Lee side of the Rockies. How will this energy affect the Central Plains?

By Sunday morning the Low begins to take the path that most of these Lows have taken- sets up in North Central OK and will be strong enough to draw moisture North and wrap it around the Low.

Look familiar…..very similar to our last 2 systems…

Moves just SE of KC again giving them rain but very little snow- due to the track.

POTENTIAL ACCUMULATIONS…. THIS IS SEVERAL DAYS OUT! As we all know this could change- this is just how models are handling the system today- it also follows a very similar track we have seen most of the Winter- Notice that the VERY cold air is lacking with this system…So what it generates is all we will see followed by a quick warm up….