Hi Weather Watchers!  As always, we are continually looking at ways to give back to those who support us. 

Baseball season begins in the Spring when Severe Weather is at its peak. We want to sponsor 2 teams. 

Our sponsorship will include jerseys, caps an embroidered equipment bag, a tub of bubble gum or sunflower seeds, $250 in cash and a portable Weather Alert Radio. 

The catch….You MUST name your team “Weather Watchers” and utilize our name and logo on your jerseys and caps the entire season. 

By sponsoring these Little League teams we feel it will draw awareness to the importance of Weather and Sports. Since this sport is played outdoors in the Spring and Summer  we want to bring awareness about how to stay informed when storms are approaching; especially thunderstorms with lightning. We will talk a lot about heat indices and hydration and how to keep players and fans from getting ill. 

In order to have your team considered for a sponsorship, you must send us a message why you think your team would be a good fit to partner with Weather Watchers. Tell us how many games you play, your age group, where you are located, how many kids are on your roster and if you are a traveling team.

The only requirement is that your team reside in Kansas. 

Good luck!

Any questions, please ask…..