Good afternoon Weather Watchers! 

Let’s start with the NEW Storm Prediction Outlook. 

The Orange area in Central Kansas is the area where we will likely see NUMEROUS SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS. 

Outside of that area, to the South and East, more isolated Severe Thunderstorms are likely. 

The biggest threat looks to be VERY LARGE HAIL. Tornadoes are still possible especially with the STRONGER STORMS. DO NOT let your guard down! 


Take a look at the Satellite image…Clouds are White and the surface is black. You can see that it is beginning to clear out in Southwestern KS- The area circled in Purple is the Enhanced region for Storms. The White arrows indicate strong winds aloft that are moving from SW to NE. Those winds along with the Upper level Low in NE New Mexico are going to be the triggers for our Severe event this afternoon. 

Questions, let us know…

Stay tuned…..