Hello Weather Watchers!

Wanted to update you on the latest info we are seeing.

The ENHANCED threat has been moved South and East to include the areas from  Concordia to Salina to Emporia Northeast to the KC Metro.
We are expecting a TORNADO WATCH to be issued very soon for portions of that area. 

Additionally, a SECONDARY THREAT EXISTS later in the evening in that area ( after the Tornado threat diminishes around 9-10pm )- a Straight line wind threat- 70-80mph winds possible as an MCS forms in Central Nebraska and moves into that area.

I wanted to point out a couple of weather features-

The first is Compressional Heating as temperatures in Eastern CO have climbed above 100 degrees right ahead of the Strong front -I’ve circled the area in Red.

Secondly- an area of moisture – with dewpoints at or above 70 are located in Central KS- this area has very good CAPE and Precipital Water values over 2″……Heavy rain is likely in this area along with Strong winds.  We will have to keep an eye out for hail with the stronger storms –

A TORNADO IS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION – but the better atmospheric winds are located in that NORTHEAST 1/4 of the State

This is the reason for what is happening- a STRONG STORM in the NORTHERN PLAINS