Good evening Weather Watchers!

Here is what we have been working on for the last year. 

We are providing you with Temperature and Precipitation forecasts- let’s break them down for you.

 Please keep in mind that the algorithm Josh Herman developed after significant research and plotting is the basis for our long term forecasting. Our forecast maps are updated DAILY via the information that is fed automatically into the algorithm.

As you know we believe a pattern sets up every fall and that pattern begins to cycle. The pattern repeats or cycles through the Winter and Spring. The cycle time of the pattern is determined by different atmospheric features and is very consistent. The pattern is just setting up for the 2015/2016 season.

Our initial confidence places the cycle time for this years pattern at or around 41-43 days. This can vary some based on pattern harmonics-something we can discuss later. 

We will be providing you 2 Temperature anomaly maps – one being 8-14 days the other being 15-21 days. 

You can see the exact dates listed under “Forecast Range”

The areas with no color indicate Normal temperatures. Warmer colors indicate higher surface temperature anomalies and Colder colors indicate cooler anomalies for the time frame indicated.

You can click on the images and increase the size..  
15-21 day:

 Here is the Long term precipitation forecast for the 8-14 day time frame. The cooler colors indicate increased precipitation potential and the warmer colors indicate less than average precipitation potential.

We will provide links to these maps which again, will update daily. We have certain atmospheric data that is automatically fed into the algorithm daily. The maps will be fun to watch developing storms systems moving towards the area you live close to or are traveling to.

We can provide data for time frames much further out. We can provide 7-10 day increments for up to four to six MONTHS…that information will be sold based on a VERY REASONABLE subscription.

These maps will be provided at NO COST to those Weather Watchers who are registered ( for free ) on our website by clicking here –> Long Range Data.

You will be able to check these maps daily once registered. 

Additionally we will be adding them on our App “Weather Watchers”

This is the 15-21 day forecast:  

We hope you enjoy this feature that NO other Weather enthusiast site has.

We will be posting them every day or two to show you how the pattern continues to cycle. 

If you have questions, please ask.

We will provide you a up to date forecast first thing in the morning.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts…

Team Weather Watchers