Hi Weather Watchers!

Here are the maps that might help you understand this system.

Here are current conditions: 
 Current Conditions region wide:
The Low remains stationary and the Cold front to the East ofbthebLow becomes a warm front and moves North/Northwest Saturday. Rain and Thunder increase in the warm sector Saturday afternoon into the evening- SEVERE STORMS POSSIBLE beginning around mid afternoon into the early evening hours.

Overnight moisture wraps around the Low into the Cold side – Snow, heavy at times along with strong winds will affect the areas that are under a Winter Storm Watch. The heavy snow bands should set up from SW to NE – where the word SNOW is in the map below.3″-8″ heavy wet snow totals are possible in that area.


Models are showing 2-3 storms between now and Christmas here in the Plains….. Where will the end up?? If it was tomorrow we would be looking at several inches of snow–BUT ITS NOT…. 

We know the storms will be in the area- where will they decide to track is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION….

 Storm around the 21sr 
Storm around the 25th:


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Update tomorrow morning