Hello Weather Watchers…

We have been analyzing this weekends system. It is the first November storm- there should be another within 4-5 days. It is the one we showed you on our last post.

It disappeared off of the models for several days but has showed up as scheduled.

It has made it ashore in the NW US.

As with the November system the models are having a tough time with the exact solution.

Details: We do believe it will begin to affect Kansas weather by Friday afternoon with rainfall spreading North.

The question of temperatures come into play Friday night into Saturday.

Again- THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE… but do expect a Storm system Friday night into Saturday.

TRAVELING: If you are traveling from West to East in KS or MO Friday night through Saturday night- you will want to pay attention for updates.

These are the 500mb vorticity charts that are so important to us when forecasting

These are from the short term NAM Model:

The color represent wind speed in the upper levels that provide lift for our storm system.

How the storm is tilted is an important feature. That tells us how progressive the system will be. This system is forecast to develop as a positively tilted storm (SW to NE). Once it moves by it become neutral to negatively tilted, that will enhance the Storm providing a nice Snow Storm along the I-80 corridor all the way to the Mid Atlantic.

The shallow cold air associated with the system here in the Central Plains is one of our biggest forecast issues. The AO shows a negative phase…

Lots of questions with this forecast so STAY TUNED!!

Have a good day!

Weather Watchers