Good afternoon Weather Watchers! SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS will develop later this afternoon along the US 83 corridor in Western KS – Colby to Liberal. These storms have the potential of being Supercell Storms. Large Hail, Very Heavy Rainfall and the potential for a few tornadoes. 

Here is one model showing widespread Thunderstorms developing around 5PM. 
Another model has fairly isolated storms developing by 5PM.  


I’m thinking the coverage will be somewhere in between… We will be watching things develop for you. 

Both models do form the Storms into a line around 10pm-Midnight – the line takes on the look of a potential strong wind event.  Anytime you get this look ( a backwards C ) you start to think strong winds. 

We will keep an eye on things for you and we will go LIVE on our website if the conditions warrant. 
Please stay tuned…we will keep you posted. 

Please continue to post pictures – everyone is doing a GREAT job!