Hi Weather Watchers! 

After a warm and beautiful couple of days, a fairly strong cold front moves through Friday afternoon. 

This front will move through and stall somewhere South of the area in Oklahoma. 

Behind the front, cool and cloudy weather moves in until Wednesday or Thursday of next week with scattered showers and Thundershowers. 

Here are Daily wind and Temp outlooks-


The pattern is stagnant as you can tell and looks more like an early to Mid March pattern temperature wise.

Beginning late next week the pattern changes and Rich Gulf moisture increases significantly along with chances for Thunderstorms.

We think this is when our Severe Weather season finally gets into full swing – we have been missing consistent deep Gulf Moisture… 

Looks like it’s time to service your A/C if you can’t handle the humidity.

Our next Severe Weather potential is May 20th-23rd – just when we have good the deep moisture advection…Could be a big show. 

Questions- please ask…