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What a wet storm we have seen so far- and it’s not over yet! The SNOW is beginning to fall in the TX and OK panhandles. That area of Snow will move NNE today and especially overnight tonight before exiting the State in the early morning hour ours Monday. We will see some IMPRESSIVE snow totals by the time this storm ends- ALL WITHOUT ANY COLD AIR FROM THE NORTH! Amazing!!


Here is the snow beginning in the OK/TX panhandles- watch the spin- you can tell the Low is beginning to develop! It will increase in coverage as it move NNE slowly-


Here is how the models time out the SNOW- the colors of Yellow and Orange indicate very heavy snow- an inch or more per hour- this snow will be a heavy wet snow-we are expecting strong winds as well which could cause near blizzard conditions. Travel is DISCOURAGED

Here is the current satellite image- you can tell the storm is beginning to mature and take on the typical comma look.  It is a little dark as the sun is just rising. You can see the deformation zone which is the area where snow is falling- that is the upper low that is intensifying and acting like a vacuum pulling down colder air from the atmosphere – as we all know the higher you climb a mountain the colder it gets. The surface and upper lows are strong enough to pull that colder air towards the surface which is why we can have snow without any real cold air from Canada or the Arctics.

RAIN TOTALS- please let us know your rainfall totals as of this morning!

Here are a few we have-

Rice County 1.52″, Kingman County just over 2″ and Sedgwick County just shy of 2.5″!! Amazing amounts!!

Here is the current radar- the blue circle in Western KS is a Mesoscale discussion describing the potential for Heavy snow and Blizzard conditions as the day continues..

We will keep you updated- you do the same for us….