FIRE DANGER REMAINS HIGH TODAY ( SUNDAY ) over Western and Central areas of the Sunflower State. SSW WINDS GUSTING TO OVER 40 MPH West and East; to 55 MPH in Central Kansas….

A cold front will be SLOWLY moving SSE across the State Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning ( exact timing is still a Qquestion – which causes precipitation TYPE concerns).

Showers and a maybe a few Thunderstorms will break out late tonight into the morning hours Monday along and East of the Turnpike.

During the day Monday the Cold front will move gradually South- will it move fast enough to cause freezing rain in Central & Northeast areas? THE MOST UPDATED MODELS DONT SHOW THAT-

***HOWEVER- STAY TUNED –IF THE COLD FRONT IS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE – Freezing Rain is possible for areas East of I-135 and ALONG & North of I-70….

If the front is slow- like we are thinking – it will be a Rain event!

Midnight Monday night:

As you can see models don’t show the Cold front making it into Southern KS until NOON TUES- again if the front is faster we will have Snow/Freezing Rain in Eastern/Southeastern areas of the State.

An additional piece of energy moves through Wed-Fri affecting NE Kansas.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS as this system will likely be a Significant Weather system March 31-April 1st ( Easter ) – 47.5 day from tomorrow!

Our next significant system should approach on the 23rd based on our based on our Forecasting Technique.

Please let us know what you experience over the next 48 hours-

WE WILL WATCH HOW FAST THAT COLD FRONT MOVES!!! That will play a HUGE part in this system and how it affects Kansans and those traveling in Kansas!!

Questions- please ask!

Weather Watchers