We could use help identifying what will likely happen overnight if you could provide us with your CURRENT precipitation types and where you are located.

We are thinking the main precipitation is setting up from Medicine Lodge to Hutchinson to Salina then East to Topeka… on the West and North edge of that area, Sleet and Freezing Rain is more likely whereas more freezing rain is likely the further ESE do to upper air temperatures.

The colder air seems entrenched further ESE than we thought – the warm air aloft is moving NNW very slowly- if you looked at our earlier blog today you know what this means.

****SLICK and Hazardous Travel is expected areawide****

4×4 vehicles or AWD vehicles make NO difference on ICE….

AGAIN- please let us know what you are experiencing and where you are…..

Current conditions:

The Red Dashed line is the area where the West edge of the warm air aloft is located -based on 7pm Weather balloon launches- Remember the low level warm air is moving VERY slowly NNW….

You can help us verify this ….

Thank you!!