Hi Weather Watchers!

The Significant Severe storms – Tornadoes, Hail up to baseball size did not materialize….why?

The storms developed in SW Kansas just after 12pm- which was early- that likely helped prevent the SIGNIFICANT storms from occurring as a 75 kt piece of energy was forecast to move into the area from the Southwest around 18,000′, which would have enhanced the storm’s intensity as well as a 50 kt Low Level Jet which was forecast to develop before dusk around 3500′.

The Low Level jet is kicking in right now as evidenced by an Storm bowing segment approaching Kansas City- winds are forcing the line to make it bow…

Many asked why North Central Kansas, that had Tornadoes last night, had more today. Storm systems that

The storms that moved through in that area last night left outflow boundaries that were still present today- once today’s storms interacted with those boundaries they intensified and began spinning – we see that happen in Summer type systems quite a bit. The outflow boundaries act like a front in the mid levels of the atmosphere.

We got some great Shelf cloud images:

Those colors were amazing, almost mesmerizing….

Was surprised to see street flooding in and around Hutchinson as we arrived back in town around 6pm-

We had 2.1″ in our rain gauge

Let us know your rain totals

If you have questions on this set-up, please ask….

More rain is possible early next week…..

Weather Watchers