Hello Weather Watchers, Happy Tuesday!

Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico should begin to return to the Plains which will allow for our Spring Storm season to begin in the next week or so.

As we mentioned in our headline, if you have been plotting our long range forecasting technique you should know that our next signature system to return is a Storm that produced the first significant snow – the system that moved through 3 cycles ago right after Thanksgiving. That system should be wet and return the first few days of May.

Let’s take a look at the Gulf moisture return beginning this weekend into next week.

We are thinking there could be a chance for storms Friday night- there will be sone capping in place – let’s keep an eye on that period.

If storms can develop – a complex of storms could move West to East as the Low Level Jet increases mid to late evening. We will watch this period.

Could see a repeat Sunday night as well.

Our system them returns with very unstable atmosphere and plenty of moisture.

This could be our first Severe Weather event…

A front could linger the 1st -3rd- again… this is a ways out – we can’t pin down the specifics – we are just confident the system will return during that time frame.

Let’s see how it plays out.



Cloudy in most areas except NW – temps in the 50s to maybe low 60s as Sun starts to peak through.

The showers we anticipated that would stay South today have moved much further North that we forecast…

Here are the current Temps/Wind Conditions – as you see most all stations are reporting light North winds

Another interesting thing is you can see where the Gulf Moisture is located. Look at the Green numbers ( Dewpoints) anything over 60 to-65 is when you can begin feeling it and sweating.

That moisture is across hanging out along the Texas/Oklahoma border…it won’t take much to get that moisture Northward.