Good morning Weather Watchers!

The Eastern portions of Kansas should see mostly cloudy skies today with showers and drizzle.

The High Resolution Model known as the HRRR is showing this:

Notice as the drizzle moves out of Eastern KS another small piece of energy moves in to Northwest KS and will trek Southeast overnight. 
As far as Saturday evening, Halloween, is looking- well, take a look at the 4pm Model

Rain is in the forecast from Friday morning:

Ending Saturday morning:

Not seeing this as a big rain maker…Any moisture is better than no moisture.

A stronger system we discussed last night looks more promising moisture wise the first week of November. We will keep our eyes on it.

Expect temps in the 60s today and Wednesday with winds picking up Wednesday- frost likely Wednesday night/Thursday morning- Temps on Thursday and Friday will be in the 50s as moisture moves in on Friday.